Building a Healthy MSP Relationship for Growth and Success 

Harboring a positive relationship with your Managed Service Provider (MSP) will ensure they treat the goals and values of your business as their own, maximizing the growth and success of your mission.

How to Build a Healthy MSP Relationship for Growth and Success

Bringing on an MSP could significantly change workflows for yourself, your existing IT department, and your end users. This means you must prepare all parties for the transition.

Choosing the right MSP for your IT solutions is the first key to success. What are the must-have qualities you require of an ideal MSP? Having clear criteria for your company’s needs will ensure the MSP you choose will not only meet those requirements, but have a full understanding of your vision and goals.

Why is a Healthy MSP Relationship Important

Without the expertise of a qualified MSP, it could be difficult to identify shortcomings or redundancies in your IT processes. While shifting to new ways of doing things can be challenging for end users, the rewards can be measured in streamlined processes, availability of assistance, and having a reliable group of professionals that desire to make systems more efficient for your team.

The main goal of an MSP is to provide their clients with the highest level of professional skill in IT management solutions. When there is a standard of two-way communication and shared goals, your relationship can thrive. Building mutual trust among your team with the MSP you choose will make the transitions seamless. To build trust, set clear roles and responsibilities of your internal IT team, your end users, and your MSP.

Avoid Unhealthy MSP Relationships

You might be nervous to bring on an MSP that does not fully grasp your work culture or understand your business objectives. Afterall, the goal is to fix what might not be efficient, not create more work by having to manage your Managed Service Provider.

In addition to meeting the criteria for your business needs, other important characteristics can be identified in the vetting process of finding the right MSP for you.

  • Check out customer reviews of different MSP companies online. Are they recent and positive? What do negative reviews say about the company and how did the MSP respond? If you cannot find any reviews of the business on Google or, contact the MSP and ask if they can provide references from companies they have serviced in the past.
  • When you do reach out to their company, they are responsive and eager to understand the needs of your business. They ask pointed questions and express an understanding of your industry and the nuances of your business.
  • The company communicates clearly and acknowledges a shared interest in the work you wish to accomplish. If you have difficulty getting on the same page, even for scheduling, it could be an indication of a potential unhealthy relationship.
  • The provider offers a wide variety of services without trying to sell you on solutions you do not need or want. Having an MSP, like Wizard IT, with multiple focuses means they are able to see your processes holistically, from IT systems monitoring to infrastructure management and security services.

What You Should Expect From Your MSP

Develop Service Level Targets (SLTs) with the MSP you choose. Your SLTs will outline the goals and objectives of your MSP as well as the roles and responsibilities of all parties, including your existing IT team and your end users.

Expect to have fluid, two-way communication channels established with your team and your MSP. Feedback is a key element in the work of a service provider. You must communicate your current IT processes to the MSP in order for them to identify redundancies or areas for improvement. They must be able to articulate new processes to you and your teams for the ease of transition.

Continuous service improvement is where your MSP should shine and set themselves apart from others.

Ready to Build an MSP Relationship

Vetting companies might take time, but when you find the right MSP for your business, their integration could quickly pay for itself. Building a trusting relationship is key to the growth and success of your business.

If your IT team is bogged down with your growing needs, or you need a higher level of IT oversight it could be time to rethink your IT strategy.

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