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Hardware and Software are an inevitable need for any business.  Every business in the 21st Century requires some form of the following Infrastructure:  Workstations, Cloud Services, Internal Networks, Document Software, Business Software, and more.  We want to take the stress off of our clients and help them out with these critical business decisions! 

Wizard IT will be your trusted partner and technology provider!  We assist our clients with selecting the best computers, servers, networks, and cloud solutions that will meet your business needs and budgetary requirements.  

Infrastructure Hardware & Software

  • Servers

    • Physical: Dell, HP, IBM/Lenovo 

    • Cloud: Office 365 Exchange, SharePoint & OneDrive; Azure Cloud Services

  • Networks  ​

    • Brands Sold or Supported: Dell, HP, Netgear, Cisco, MikroTik

    • Firewalls, Routers, Switches, WiFi Access Points

  • Storage Solutions

    • Physical: Dell, HP, IBM/Lenovo 

    • Cloud: Office 365 SharePoint (1TB), Office 365 OneDrive (1TB Per User), Azure.

  • Workstations

    • Preferred Brands: Dell, Lenovo, HP, Microsoft Surface

    • We can also get Thin Clients for Terminal Access.  

  • Other Hardware​

    • Printers, Monitors, Cables, or anything else you can buy at Best Buy or NewEgg.com​

  • Software

    • We have many Software Vendors!  Microsoft, Carbonite, Skykick, and more! 

    • Virtualization, Private & Public Cloud, VDI, Server Solutions, and More!

Please note that we are not opposed to Mac Apple Products, but the Wizard IT Platforms are more inclined to be installed within a Windows Environment.  We can still help you if your business is running strictly on Mac OS X.