IT Empowerment

IT - Empowerment

Training and Support for Your Teams

We work with you to develop an IT plan that allows your business to run efficiently, securely and reliably. We then work with you to optimize and ensure that you and your teams have the training and knowledge to use these tools to their most advantage.

Remote Access Tools

It is more important than ever to have remote access tools ready and available to your workforce. Whether it be due to weather, quarantine, or any other unforeseen circumstances- empowering your employees with remote access tools allows for unlimited flexibility with when and where they work. 

Application Performance Review

Businesses often rely on a core suite of products specific to their mission. However, these platforms do not always keep pace with your organization’s growth. With Wizard IT’s help, we will work together to review these core platforms, assess what competitors are available, and consider changes with the goals of improving operations and saving costs. 

Core End-User Training

Wizard IT how critical it is to provide users with the appropriate training in order to get the most value out of technology and remain focused on your business’s top priorities. After providing initial one-on-one training and supplemental material to each employee, Wizard IT will work with you to identify areas to focus our training to further empower employees.

End-User Training

Phishing attacks are emails or websites that impersonate a trusted source in an attempt to have the user enter their credentials. This is a growing trend and the impersonation attempts get more and more advanced with each day. Fortunately, Wizard IT has the tools not only to detect these attempts- prompting us to reach out to user immediately- but also provide you with the tools to empower your users, as they are always the first line of defense. With our phishing testing platform, we can send mock phishing emails to all your employees. For those who fail the test and provide their credentials, Wizard IT will be notified and the appropriate training will be provided to that employee. 

Upgrade Cycle Strategy

It can be tempting to only replace devices when they break, and may be viable for smaller organizations. When you are responsible for a larger fleet, implementing an Upgrade Cycle Strategy plays an important role in keeping devices protected by warranties, allows for long-term budgeting, and ensures none of your mission-critical devices reach their end-of-life and leave you vulnerable. Wizard IT will help you review your device fleet and set a course that balances effective and reliable workstations with manageable costs. 

Cost Benefit Analysis of Recurring IT Services

Wizard IT knows that no two organizations are alike, and that each has unique needs. This is why we provide multiple plans, ranging from hourly to full service contracts. Wizard IT will work with you to find the best combination of all services and deliver the most cost-effective solution with a singular focus on your mission. 

Operational Streamlining

There’s more to the equation that simply adding tools or platforms. Wizard IT always reviews your business’ platforms as a singular entity; this approach allows us to identify redundant services, older platforms that may lead to vulnerabilities, or even just older software that can be replaced with better, more cost-effective solutions. Wizard IT will help you streamline your operations so you can focus on growth.

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