IT Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure Management

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Network and Hardware Management

We assist our clients with selecting the best computers, servers, networks, and cloud solutions that will meet your business needs and budgetary requirements. Hardware and Software are an inevitable need for any business. Every business in the 21st Century requires some form of the following Infrastructure: Workstations, Cloud Services, Internal Networks, Document Software, Business Software, and more. We want to take the stress off of our clients and help them out with these critical business decisions!

Build / Rebuild

As part of the onboarding stage, Wizard IT can help you assess the existing infrastructure. The first phase is to identify end-of-life hardware that poses the most immediate risk. From there, we will help you determine what improvements can be made across the board. This can range from cable management to optimize troubleshooting to rewiring sections of infrastructure to eliminate faulty or insufficient data wiring. 

Wired Infrastructure

Hard-wired internet is vastly more reliable than Wi-Fi, but it simply isn’t always an option. Wizard IT can help you bridge this gap by augmenting your existing network infrastructure with additional ethernet wiring. This will improve reliability to servers, Wi-Fi access points- but can also be leveraged to provide internet and power to devices such as desk phones, security cameras, and more. 

Wireless Infrastructure

Wireless networks require more than the occasional reboots or updates. Internet is one of the lifelines of every business, and so Wi-Fi is a critical point. Using a collection of tools, Wizard IT can map out your network coverage, optimize placement of access points and routers to ensure optimal coverage and avoid interference, and help select the appropriate hardware that will provide the best experience.

Hardware Purchasing

Purchasing hardware is full of pitfalls. Beyond costs, purchasing the wrong hardware can threaten operations. Selecting the wrong warranty can present unanticipated costs at the most inopportune times. Pairing Wizard IT’s experience with our vendor partnerships, we will help you navigate the entire process, select the right hardware, and save costs through our partner-level pricing.

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