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IT Infrastructure Management

Complete IT Management

From ensuring your systems and data are backup in case of data loss to keeping current licenses and software, Wizard IT Manages all your company’s software and systems for you.

Backup Management

Backing up data requires constant action and monitoring to ensure what is backed up is as current as possible, as well as reliably accessible in the event of an emergency. Wizard IT employs a layered backup solution that can provide secure archiving of all data, user information and emails with unlimited retention. 

Backup Application/Appliance Management

There are endless ways to lose valuable data or emails. Fortunately- there is a comprehensive solution. Using a multi-platform approach to ensure redundancy, Wizard IT implements tools to ensure all company files, user data, emails and more are backed up every day. We can predict the unexpected, but we’re prepared for it in every way. 

Patch Management

Updates are essential to security as well as functionality, but they can also introduce new bugs, break features, etc. Striking the ideal balance, Wizard IT monitors all updates and schedules them to install during specified times. This keeps you safe, secure but also ensures they don’t get in your way. 

Documentation Management

Wizard IT provides a platform for all of your documentation. This includes configuration notes, user information and passwords, HR procedures, network diagrams, and much more. This allows for all valuable data to be backed up securely while always remaining accessible to you.

License Management

Licensing for software can extend to multiple platforms across countless vendors. If not managed regularly and updated with every personnel change, it can quickly lead to unnecessary costs. Wizard IT will manage this on a daily basis and perform regular audits to ensure no resources are wasted. 

Voice Services Management

Wizard IT can provide a Teams-based phone system complete with auto-attendants and other advanced feature sets. Additionally, we can provide support for any VoIP-based phone system you already have in place.

Office 365 Management

Office 365 represents the nucleus of our platform around which all else revolves. Maintaining this platform ensures your organization stays up-to-date with accurate user information, correct licensing, and rapid provisioning of Microsoft-based resources that your organization relies on.

Remote Access Management

Through Wizard IT’s remote access platform, we can provide full remote access to anyone from anywhere. This allows flexibility for employees who need to access on-site data from the field or if they need to work from home. This can be set up permanently or on-demand for unexpected scenarios.

Warranty Management

Warranties are essential to keeping devices operational while managing unforseen costs. Wizard IT will manage your warranties, track when they expire, and facilitate requests between end user and vendor to keep your workforce operational.

Business Application Management

Businesses often rely on a core suite of products specific to their mission. However, these platforms do not always keep pace with your organization’s growth. With Wizard IT’s help, we will work together to review these core platforms, assess what competitors are available, and consider changes with the goals of improving operations and saving costs. 

Server Management

Using our monitoring and automation platforms, Wizard IT can manage your server completely. Through our processes, we will ensure that the system hardware is monitored, the data is reliably backed up, updates are curated appropriately, and performance remains optimal.

Workstation Management

Wizard IT monitors the vitals of all computers, servers and network devices. Using this tool, we can identify connectivity problems, potential hardware issues, track warranties, and much more. Combined with automation tools built by Wizard IT, we are able to readily identify issues when or before they occur and maintain a stable, secure network.

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