IT Security Services

IT Security Services

Keeping your IT secure

Security is a critical concern to businesses, their customers and partners. Wizard IT provides security solutions customized to your needs and industry requirements. Our partners and security software applications provide reliable security in your software and communication systems.

Firewall deployment, monitoring, and maintenance

Firewalls represent the digital gatekeepers for your business and prevent unauthorized access. Managing this essential line of defense is critical to regularly manage who is allowed in, and who isn’t.



While the types of threats facing end-user workstations have increased dramatically in the past few years, Anti-Virus remains an essential part of securing your organizations endpoints. Wizard IT can deploy, manage and monitor this on every Windows or Mac workstation to keep it up-to-date and respond in real-time to all alerts.


Advanced Threat Protection is a cutting-end security approach that monitors every aspect of your network to identify when someone has breached your internal network. This may come in the form of executable programs making changes in the background, registry changes, or other clandestine methods attackers use to move laterally within your network. By getting advanced notice, we are able to isolate the affected endpoints and stop the breach in its tracks.


Endpoint Detection and Response, or EDR, is a proactive tool that monitors your network in real-time to detect phishing, ransomware, malware, and unpatched vulnerabilities. As soon as any suspicious activity is detected anywhere within your network, EDR will isolate the device and take remedial action.


Email Security and Filtering

Emails can quickly be targeted by a boundless array of attacks, whether it’s spam, phishing, etc. Our Layered Email Security and Filtering Campaign uses multiple tools combined with daily Wizard monitoring. This allows the algorithms to protect you from the endless barrage of predatory emails, and the Wizard hands-on monitoring provides the fine tuning to ensure you receive precisely what you should while blocking precisely what you shouldn’t.


Multi-factor authentication adds a second layer to your security in addition to a password by adding either one-time code via text, email or authenticator app. This additional layer serves as one of the most effective approaches to ensuring your account remains secure- even if your password is leaked.


Phishing Testing

Phishing attacks are emails or websites that impersonate a trusted source in an attempt to have the user enter their credentials. This is a growing trend and the impersonation attempts get more and more advanced with each day. Fortunately, Wizard IT has the tools not only to detect these attempts- prompting us to reach out to user immediately- but also provide you with the tools to empower your users, as they are always the first line of defense. With our phishing testing platform, we can send mock phishing emails to all your employees. For those who fail the test and provide their credentials, Wizard IT will be notified and the appropriate training will be provided to that employee.

Dark Web Monitoring

The “Dark Web” is a collection of anonymous websites that require a special web browser to access and allows criminals to sell leaked private data. Our monitoring service constantly scans to see if any of your proprietary data or passwords are available, and take the appropriate remedial action.



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