IT Systems Monitoring

IT System Monitoring

Providing Reliable Tech Solutions

Keeping your IT system reliable and running smoothly is essential to your business operations. We monitor to address any urgent developments and proactively identify potential problems to reduce emergent issues.

Application Monitoring

Application monitoring is an important aspect of ensuring smooth, continued operation. There are times when new hardware outpaces the software and requires certain changes, such as when Apple introduced their Powerful new M1 processor that resulted in certain programs no longer working. Other times, a platform you previously relied on may no longer be updated and eventually force you to change. Wizard IT will monitor the status of your mission-critical applications to ensure ideal performance and compatibility.

Network Monitoring

Using our monitoring platforms and custom-built automations, Wizard IT is able to keep a watchful eye on your network and automatically alert us when potential issues arise. This can be due to power outages, network infrastructure issues, or failed hardware. Whatever the cause- Wizard IT will be able to accurately diagnose the issue and quickly resolve.

Dark Web Monitoring

Dark web monitoring looks for pieces of your personally identifiable information on sites frequented by cybercriminals. This data can be leaked from website data breaches, phishing emails, unauthorized email access, etc. Our monitoring approach uses a variety of tools to scan and monitor areas of the dark web where stolen information is commonly sold, including websites, peer-to-peer networks, and chat rooms. If you or your company’s data is compromised, we will be alerted immediately so that we can take remedial action.

Endpoint Monitoring

Wizard IT monitors the vitals of all computers, servers and network devices. Using this tool, we can identify connectivity problems, potential hardware issues, track warranties, and much more. Combined with automation tools built by Wizard IT, we are able to readily identify issues when or before they occur and maintain a stable, secure network.

Windows Service Monitoring with Auto-Heal

Servers play more complicated roles and thus require more advanced monitoring solutions. Wizard IT will configure monitoring alerts with auto-healing remediation for all services on your server to ensure all irregularities are identified and resolved. 

Windows Roles and Feature Service Monitoring (AD, DNS, etc)

Wizard IT will manage all server-related aspects of your network environment. Whether it is monitoring status health of Microsoft’s own services or tracking vitals specific to your own network, we will identify any potential issues immediately and take the appropriate action.

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