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Wizard It Team

Wizards might not be real, but our commitment to excellent service and a frictionless experience is pure magic.

We have built our team to create a reliable network of knowledgeable individuals to meet the needs of everyone we work with. Learn more about us below.


Andy Bradburn

Chief Executive Wizard

There wasn’t always Wizard IT- but there was always a vision. Andy started his career with a series of varied IT roles that resulted in a staggering breadth of experience. Each role added new aspects to his skillset. These years only accelerated Andy’s experience and when the opportunity arose in 2017, Wizard IT was born.

Andy has committed everything he has to building his company, aiming to create a novel service model that empowers start-up to medium-sized businesses with enterprise-grade resources and capability. He firmly believes that for Wizard IT to be successful, our clients must be successful, and that philosophy drives everything and everyone at Wizard IT.


Aaron Miller

Chief Operating Wizard

Situated at the intersection of science and the humanities, Aaron’s 8 years of professional IT experience are bolstered by a diverse array of talents, skills, experience, and achievements. After completing his English Writing degree at the University of Pittsburgh with a concentration in fiction writing, Aaron committed to a path in IT. He continually separates himself from the pack with acute problem solving, corkscrew thinking, and highly-adaptive communication skills. 

Behind the scenes, he bolsters the company’s posture from every angle- leveraging his multidisciplinary perspective, attention to detail, and compelling optimism. Aaron is highly skilled at project planning, task management and execution, and customer relationship-building. Even after the most successful project, you’ll find him looking for ways to improve the process. Aaron lives in Allison Park with his wife and daughter. He loves reading, fixing things and gardening. He moonlights at his basement workbench working on elaborate projects. Aaron also is a tennis enthusiast, making a trip to Cincinnati every year to see Roger Federer.


Chris Minisci

Chief Information Wizard

Chris’ passion for technology goes back to his elementary school days. Whether he was tinkering with the family computer, or figuring out how to get computers on the school network to talk to each other, was on the tech path from the get. Chris loves to figure out how things work, and gained much of his experience live, working in the field over the last 15 years. In the last couple of years, he’s found his home with Wizard IT.

Outside of the office he enjoys helping people and volunteering for local greyhound rescue organizations whenever possible. He’s an avid coffee fan and can give you a run for your money on the links. Chris has a passion for all things words and grammar, and he loves to read and take in as much knowledge as possible.

Dean Sandonas

Dean Sandonas

Support Technician

Dean’s interest in technology goes all the way back to when he was a little kid and following what his father does in IT. As a ITNA/Cyber Security student at Pittsburgh Technical College, Dean has dedicated the last five years figuring out the new technology trends and engrossing himself entirely in the industry. With the knowledge he’s added, Dean is excited to contribute to the Wizard IT team. Working on individual projects or working with teams, Dean loves getting in front of an issue tackling it until the solution is found.

Dean has great communication skills, sharp problem-solving abilities and is willing to work until the problem is solved. As an IT student, gaining the experience and working hands-on will help grow his career and help develop better business relationships. Dean strives to keep learning more each day continue building upon his real-world experience. On the outside of Wizard IT, dean enjoys going on adventures with friends and family and loves playing outside with his dog. He is a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan and plans on going to all of the home games and a few away games. Over the last year, he started tracking down different ice cream shops around Pennsylvania and trying their milkshakes. Dean has a passion for life and makes the best out of the worst situations and he loves learning new things that he has never experienced before.

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