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Cloud & Utility Services

Wizard IT knows that Cloud Services are one of the most popular Business Needs in the 21st Century.  We can help you with your Private or Public Cloud Solutions using  Phone, Internet, PBX, SaaS, IaaS, and more! 

Office 365 Microsoft Cloud

Wizard IT is a Managed Microsoft Partner that specializes in the Deployment, Configuration, and Support of Office 365 Services for Any Size Business!  Plans start out at $5 Per Month!  Click Learn More below! 

Custom IT Solutions

Wizard IT is here to help your business with anything you need to push your business forward.  Our values are to implement Non-Industry Specific IT Best Practices (ITILv3) but sometimes you have a unique need and we are happy to take that challenge on! 

Managed Services

Every business needs Cost-Effective Remote Systems Management Solutions!  Wizard IT's MSP Service provides Remote Access, Full Monitoring & Reporting, and the Automation of Antivirus, System Updates & Configurations! 

Backup & Disaster Recovery

The most important thing in your business is your Data!  Wizard IT specializes in ensuring that everything within your business is fully backed up and protected in the case of a disaster, and we can implement full DR and Business Continuity Plans & Solutions.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Wizard IT is dedicated to Providing a Return on Investment.  Mutual Honesty and Trust is important with any lasting relationship and we offer Vendor Analysis to ensure your Vendors align with your needs.


Wizard IT Clients are provided with Infrastructure Planning and Installation Services.  We assist with choosing the best computers, servers, and cloud solutions with Competitive Reseller Pricing!

Wizard IT Support

Wizard IT can always resell hardware and software solutions, but dont forget about our Support Options.  We can support Office 365 Environments, End Users, Company Devices & Software, Networks, & your Vendors!

Free Advice & Consultation

Talk To Us about your Technology Needs and Pains!  We offer free Consultations, Demonstrations, and Trials of our Services, Applications, and Provide Risk Assessments and Mitigation Recommendations.